Acting Coaching with Emma King-Farlow

Emma offers both private and group drama coaching in Barnes, SW13 or online, via Zoom. Details can be found below.

"It has been my great joy to work with many actors over the years since I first launched Shadow Road. Now, after much continued urging from numerous cast members, I am delighted to finally be offering private and group coaching! 

Whether you are preparing for an audition, looking to build up your skillset, you need a bit of help with Shakespeare, or you simply love acting, I can’t wait to help you on your journey."

Special Introductory Prices (per person):

 – £40 per hour for one-to-one 
– £30 per hour for pairs     
– £20 per hour for groups of 4


How to book & when:

- I offer regular coaching sessions on Mondays & Fridays – but if you require a session on another day of the week, please get in touch and we can work it out, particularly if it is short term preparation for an audition, a specific role, or similar.

If you would like to book please email me at putting COACHING in the Subject Line of the email.

Who are these sessions for?

- I offer coaching sessions for anyone over the age of 16 who wants or needs them; from professional actors – whether simply keeping their skills sharp, or preparing for particular auditions or roles – to enthusiastic amateurs, and complete beginners! 

For one-off sessions, I will ask you to send over the pieces that you are hoping to work on in advance, so I can prepare and we can then make the most of our time together. For a longer course of sessions, I will find out exactly where you are in your acting journey and what you are hoping to achieve in our work together, and I will then tailor your personal plan accordingly.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of sessions I can book?

- No, there is no set minimum or maximum. You can book anything from a single session, to a regular slot on a particular day for the foreseeable future! 

What do I need to bring?

- If attending in person, you will need to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, and bring a notebook, pen, and ideally also a piece of work that you are keen to look at together – at least for your first session. If you don’t have any ideas about which speech or extract to bring along with you, I will be happy to find you something. It is also advisable to bring along your own water bottle so you can stay well hydrated throughout!

Where are these sessions held?

- I offer coaching sessions both online via Zoom, and in person, at the Shadow Road Studio in Barnes, SW13. You will be given the precise address when you book!


"As an actor, working with Emma is a gift. Every project she undertakes, she meets with extensive and painstakingly accurate research, which gives her a deep understanding of the material. Her vision is always clear. However, she never fails to recognise how important it is to allow the actors to play and experiment, encouraging freedom and creativity. Whenever I’m in the rehearsal room with her, I feel safe and I believe that’s the only way an actor can venture out of his/her comfort zone, which is essential to originate a bold and compelling performance."

 ~ Fed Zanni (A View From The Bridge - Bath & West End, Mamma Mia! The Party - original London cast; Mario Carita in Glory Ride; Basilius in Head Over HeelsThe Night of the Iguana - Lyric, West End; Being Human)


"Emma is an outstanding director, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years.  Her insight into storytelling and how to make characters come to life is incredible. Whenever I’m struggling to find my way into a character she’ll invariably have the answer! I cannot thank her enough for her coaching, both in rehearsals and her private classes. She always makes me feel relaxed, creating a positive working environment, and helping me to grow and expand my horizons. I look forward to working with her again soon and highly recommended her as an acting coach."  

         ~ Amy Floyd (Netflix’s The Witcher; Marvel’s Secret Invasion; Star Wars: Andor; Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power; Disney’s The Culprits; ITV’s The Long Call)

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