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Secret Storytellers (coming soon...)

UNBROKEN Festival & Short Film Prize
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'Arts Festival For Mental Health Awareness' an article on the UNBROKEN Festival for Essential Surrey, the Barnes Magazine and the Richmond Magazine - written by Jane  McGowan

UNBROKEN on the London Screenwriters' Blog - written by Emma King-Farlow

'Writing & Mental Health - What I Learned at #UnbrokenFest' - written by Alex Boast

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The day after meeting Amanda Brettargh, director of the Barnes Children's Literature Festival, to confirm their participation in the the 2019 festival (May 11th-12th 2019), Emma King-Farlow & Amy Floyd sat down to record a quick introduction to Fireside Folktales and their plans for the festival weekend.

All further episodes of the Fireside Folktales podcast can be found HERE.

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Artistic Director Emma King-Farlow, actor Fed Zanni (Robin Hood) and other members of the Robin Hood cast did an interview with Wandsworth Radio during the 2016 run.

'Shadow Road Productions & Theatre503 Present
UNBROKEN FESTIVAL - a filmed report by WinkBall'