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UNBROKEN Festival & Short Film Prize

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Episode 41: Emma King-Farlow

Find what you love, make your own work.

This week, we're joined by the incredibly talented, Emma King-Farlow! The donner of several different hats in the world of theater. As a Writer, Director, and Producer; Emma has created both fantastically-original worlds, as well as genre bending adaptations of classic works for the stage. She takes Steph and Tyler through her battle with stage fright, finding her niche in writing, and spreading mental health awareness in the arts industry. What are you doing? Check it out!

Auditions, Money and Sweeping Generalisations with Emma King Farlow 

on That Mental Ginger Show

On today’s show we talk to actor and director Emma King-Farlow about her journey in the arts. (And yes, her Christmas Carol show was a success!😊) Audio-only link HERE

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  • The day after meeting Amanda Brettargh, director of the Barnes Children's Literature Festival, to confirm their participation in the the 2019 festival (May 11th-12th 2019), Emma King-Farlow & Amy Floyd sat down to record a quick introduction to Fireside Folktales and their plans for the festival weekend.

All further episodes of the Fireside Folktales podcast can be found HERE.

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  • Artistic Director Emma King-Farlow, actor Fed Zanni (Robin Hood) and other members of the Robin Hood cast did an interview with Wandsworth Radio during the 2016 run.

'Shadow Road Productions & Theatre503 Present
UNBROKEN FESTIVAL - a filmed report by WinkBall'