Uncle Alonzo

My Uncle Alonzo, who's really quite weird,
Often found people asleep in his beard…

Five people and one pet rabbit, to be more precise!  And they didn't just use the beard to sleep in.  In fact, as the story begins they are all living happily together in Alonzo's beard, sunbathing, tending their crops and hanging out the washing.  Then - on this otherwise unremarkable Tuesday - calamity strikes!

Find out what happens to Alonzo and his beard-dwelling friends in this 'genuinely funny and inspirationally illustrated title'.


 Nik Perring - Author, Editor and Teacher

"The fabulous Uncle Alonzo’s Beard...[is] the sort of book that makes you smile whenever you look at it. And that is definitely a good thing."

Mrs K White - Amazon.co.uk customer  5 stars *****

"This book is excellent!  It is a funny poem which has been beautifully and cleverly illustrated. It reminded me of Mr. Twit from Roald Dahl's The Twits but instead of food in his beard - Uncle Alonzo has little people who are also his friends, until a fire starts in his beard and he has to shave his beard off. Don't worry though - no one gets hurt in the fire!  A really clever rhyme...a must for all ages."

Noodlenuts: Unique and Innovative Children's Books - Children's book website

"Author King-Farlow has a wonderful way with a rhyme scheme...that gives the story a great, lighthearted, brisk pace, and Anna Laura Cantone's goofy, slightly off-kilter drawings contribute delightfully to the hilarity of the story."

Iain Buchanan - Amazon.co.uk customer  5 stars *****
"This is a lovely book, very descriptive with a clever rhyming flow.
The pictures are beautiful too!"

Child-Led Chaos - UK Parenting Blog

"...Fun and bouncy to read to children.  ...The pictures are lovely and perfectly suit the oddness of Alonzo, along with text that changes size and rarely sits straight on the page.  This is a very funny book that should cause lots of giggles."