Monday 8 December 2008

A Bookaholic's Christmas

Over the last couple of months it has become all too clear that 12 Step Programmes are of no use to me - abstinence only makes the heart grow fonder, I'm afraid. My name is Emma King-Farlow and I'm more of a bookaholic than ever!

After a relatively short but painful period of Book-Buying Deprivation, the last month's vital statistics are as follows:

Books In: Far, far too many! (Let me detail the ones I can remember - Books from a second hand stall at a local Christmas Market: 7, Books on my own and other people's library cards: 31, Books from The Book People: 2 large orders, Books on order from Amazon: 16, Books from assorted other places: 17.)

Books Out: 3 (Erm, in the sense that I took three books back to the library, that is. The fact that I brought 5 more home to replace them negated my triumph somewhat, but what can I say - it's a start, no?)

For those who may be wondering about the state of my sagging shelves, worry not. Shelves are no longer an issue since I have no more to offer. My newly arrived volumes are, I shudder to say it, homeless. They have formed their own little cliques and commandeered various corners of my study, patches of carpet and sections of desktop. There they mutter mutinously to one another about the kind of people who just 'go ahead and buy them' without giving any thought to matters of accommodation!

I dread to think how annoyed they're going to be when the Christmas crowd joins them... ;-)

P.S. In honour of the season, I have also added a 'Festive Fun' page to my website. If you find yourself in possession of a few spare moments or you are feeling particularly bored, you might like to amble over there and tackle the Christmas-themed wordsearch and crossword.

Answers will appear in January.

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