Saturday 7 May 2011

Seizing the Day!

Never let it be said that I am not a woman of my word: I said I would seize the day and I have - or at least I'm trying to! 

The bones continue to mend (though not quite as quickly as I would like) and I have been getting out and about as much as possible.  There is no doubt that, from the fringe to the National, I have seen more theatre over the last few months than I had in the last few years and it has been utterly glorious!

The next couple of months, however, will see me becoming a little more proactive again.  Instead of (or at least 'as well as') watching other people's plays, I will be staging a couple myself - Lucille Fletcher's one-act suspense thrillers Sorry, Wrong Number  and The Hitch-Hiker which I am directing at The Old Sorting Office in June.  I have also signed up for the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass - at the Early Bird price it was an opportunity that I literally couldn't afford to miss! - and I hope that I will soon be able to return to film-making armed both with new knowledge and new collaborators.

Meanwhile, on the writing front, I have finally begun to streamline my vast stable of Works in Progress!  Two very different projects have recently been completed and the end is finally in sight for another two.  (Admittedly the aforementioned 'ends' are still several hundred miles away, up hill, down dale, through mist, mire and misbegotten bog but they are finally coming over the far-distant horizon and that is what counts!)  I have also branched out a little and committed to teaching a couple of writing workshops - one for adults who want to write for children, the other for children who want to write! 

All of the above, together with a few other things that I have in the pipeline, will be keeping me extremely busy for the next several weeks and it is my not-as-new-as-I-wish-it-was year's resolution both to post here and to tweet more often so as to document my progress in some small way. 

Only time will tell if I am a woman of my resolution as well as my word... ;-)

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