Friday 4 April 2008

The News in Brief

1. Uncle Alonzo will shortly be enjoying life in foreign climes! Yes, the excessively beardy fellow’s nefarious plans for world domination continue apace – various rights have been bought and sold and he will soon be making guest appearances in Denmark, Korea and Brazil!

2. Whilst Alonzo is gadding about the globe, my own travel ambitions are rather more modest. I am heading off to the Oxford Literary Festival tomorrow at (almost) the crack of dawn - hence the extreme brevity of this post! I have now signed up for a ridiculous number of talks, presentations and panel events. One of the talks that I was originally due to attend was cancelled a week or so ago, so I naturally went looking for a replacement. I found three. I'm not sure that I am fully prepared for the weekend of madness, mayhem and 'frantic rushing about the place' that now awaits me.

3. I am still waiting for John Lewis to get in some replacement Leg Master machines. In fact, forget ‘some’, a simple ‘one’ would be fine – as long as they sold that one to me, of course!

4. This week’s rather abbreviated vital statistics:
Books In: 17
Books Out: O
(People are starting to complain and the shelves are definitely showing signs of sagging...)


Nik Perring said...

Have fun! And best of luck to the traveller!

Emma K-F said...

Hi Nik,

Thanks for dropping by. :-) I had a great time in Oxford - as hectic as expected and fairly exhausting, but still great!

I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that the beardy one will be well-received on distant shores... ;-)

Emma x