Thursday 18 June 2009

Emma vs Technology

Like Alien vs Predator (though with slightly less gore and rather more swearing), the saga of Emma vs Technology continues.

I may have mentioned this before but, in the present circumstances, I feel it bears repeating: Technology Hates Me. It truly does. From the computer I still think of as 'new' that now insists on blue-screening with increasing regularity, to the mobile broadband that only lives up to half of its name (Mobile? Well, yes. Broadband? Not so much), the technological trappings of the modern world seem to be conspiring against me.

I have, however, managed to stay online with a non-blue screen and working broadband long enough in the last couple of days to get a few things done, including this very update that you see before you. I have turned my Twitter profile picture green in common with 20,000+ others, updated the Athlone Trust website in time for their next fundraising run on July 12th, paid an extremely rare visit to Facebook, exchanged a number of e-mails at a significantly-speedier-than-snail's pace (what joy!) and been able to receive a brilliant e-card featuring a wooden spoon with more talent at cookery than Delia and Jamie combined!

If things continue going my way, I shall soon be back to give you my impressions of Peter Pan, which I am going to see tonight in Kensington Gardens. A belated birthday treat, I have been looking forward to it for ages - fingers crossed that it lives up to the hype!


Nik Perring said...

Hope Peter Pan is good and that technology is kinder to you and soon!

Nik X

Emma K-F said...

Thanks v much, Nik! :-) Peter Pan turned out to be fantastic - probably even better than the hype! I recommend it to everyone!

Technology is still mean, though - at the moment I'm back on creaky old dial-up that only one person in the house can use at a time. :-( Ah well, can't have everything, I suppose!

Emma xx

Nik Perring said...

And a belated happy birthday!

Emma K-F said...

Thank you kindly! Another year older but not that much wiser, I'm afraid! ;-)