Thursday 27 August 2009

So What's Been Happening?

Five unexpected events that have occurred since last I blogged:

1) A Barba Do Tio Alonso arrived in the post - Uncle Alonzo is a fully-fledged Brazilian at last! Now all I need is someone who speaks Portuguese to translate for me...

2) Following a generous gift of fresh-from-the-tree damsons from a lovely neighbour, I have successfully cooked two different damson-related desserts from scratch! Recipes to come in later posts.

3) I have started driving lessons again. No fiddling about with manual cars for me this time, though; it's automatic all the way! I have decided that I possess neither the patience nor the robust mental disposition necessary to cope with a manual car. Yes, I've heard all the arguments - 'What if you have to drive someone else to hospital in their car?' being one of the most popular. Frankly, if my control of a manually operated automobile is all that stands between the critically ill individual in question and certain death, then they might as well start picking out hymns... ;-)

4) A random evening google resulted in the discovery that Windows Vista has inbuilt speech recognition software - very handy! I have already begun training it. Listen to my voice. You are feeling very sleepy...

5) I have had a new passport photo taken which - for the first time in living memory - did not result in my looking like a newly-caught criminal, digits still wet with fingerprinting ink. My occasional visits abroad will no longer begin and end in shame as I hand over the little red book and try to neutralise the passport official's incredulous stare with a nonchalant shrug and a Yeah, the photo's hideous but what can I do about it? eye-roll. It is nothing less than an honest-to-God miracle!


Alice and Charlotte said...

Errr hmmmm....where are the Damson recipes Miss K-F!!!x

Emma K-F said...

LOL! I've been trying to post the Ginger and Damson Pudding one again but blogspot still doesn't like the html and simply deleting the offending line doesn't seem to appease it.

Unless 'the spot' changes its mind, it will have to wait until I have time to type the whole thing out again!

E xx