Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dreams from the Pit & 22 Push-Ups!

Taking its title from the work of WWI poet Siegfried Sassoon, Dreams From The Pit - an original play of mine that Shadow Road Productions first staged in 2013 in aid of Forces charity Combat Stress - follows three soldiers, Razor, Jacko and Sully, as they deploy together to Afghanistan. Life in 'Afghan' is tough but for some the return to civilian life is even harder...

I was recently nominated for the #22PushUpChallenge by both Amy Bolger-Floyd and Maia Gibbons (arguably a bit of overkill there, people!) which is also designed to raise money and awareness for Combat Stress and to draw attention to the horrifying rates of suicide and mental suffering evident in both US and UK veterans.

As I am, however, decidedly NOT a fan of appearing on any screen anywhere for any reason at all - much less while doing push-ups! - I chose instead to fashion the video below, in the hope that it might have a similar result.  I actually am also doing the push-ups at home each day as well - but there'll be some severe climate change in Hell before I film them and post the video online! ;-)

I do hope you get something out of the film.  Anyone who would like to donate £5 to Combat Stress can do so by texting PTSD22 to 70004.

Thank you!

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